I Paid $10 Via Paypal, and My Account Locked, Why ?

February 11, 2015 5.5k views

Why my account locked ?

Paid $10 via paypal . .
Ticket : #529277

i got email . .
**Thanks for using DigitalOcean. We have applied your PayPal payment to your account.

Keep in mind that we require you to pre-pay one month+ in advance for your droplets while using PayPal.

If you have any questions please open a support ticket or visit our community:

Happy Coding,

and my account locked . .
I connected Twitter, Github and verified e-mail aaaand.... ACCOUNT LOCKED!

Please, Help me !

My Email : mrjoylobo88@gmail.com

  • Me too , ACCOUNT LOCKED!!!

  • me too. terrible experience

  • They are not even giving a reply, i think we are pissed off

  • meee tooo :-(, disgusting..

  • My acc also got locked!! First time i use digital ocean got no problem, the next 3acc i try all locked. Wasted my money 3x for nothing.

  • Me too...😢
    Give me a reason and why?🐤

  • This is slightly different, but at the same time it was a similar negative experience with this company.

    digitalocean sucks... I am using amazon AWS, screw this company.

    Here is why:

    When I was younger, I wanted to try out digitalocean, and I had a $30 voucher code (or sth like that.) Anyhow, this code would allow me to have a server for 1 month free. At that point in time, I was in middle school, and didn't have a debit/credit card, and I had no money in my paypal account (I didnt have any allowance or stuff). So, I decided to get smart about it and search up for a prepaid debit card with no balance on it online. Basically, you know those prepaid visa/mastercards they sell at Walmart and Safeway? Well a kind user decided to use up his card and post it online for people to use! :). So I used his $0 card to add to my account in order to use my $30 voucher because digitalocean requires users to link a card to their account (and keep in mind, this was with the original card owner's permission), and I got banned instantly for credit card fraud. Now I am a Junior in high school, and I got another voucher for $50 from github education. I am running a successful new site that has gained increasing popularity over the past few months (its 1freebit.co.in BTW), and I ran out of bandwith on my original site hoster (because of the amount of users on my site). Therefore, I decided to turn to digitalocean (and I got my own bank account, thank god) for a solution, and digitalocean told me that my account was perma banned for credit card fraud. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A MIDDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COMMITING TO CREDIT CARD FRAUD???!?? I explained to their support of the situation, and they said that it was still my fault, and even though I used the card with the original card owner's permission they could not unban my account. IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT CREDIT CARD FRAUD, AND THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THEM TO BAN ME LIKE THIS. Well, for all of you to know, AWS (amazon web services) is so much better. They are free to use, have unlimited bandwith and have wonderful tech support. I highly recommend their competitor. Companies like digitalocean should not deserve to be so big on the current marketplace.

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Its probably best to raise a ticket rather than "ask the community" Simply because you will need a DO employee to help.

Digital Ocean no longer allow multiple accounts with the same billing profile. Each account must have its own unique billing profile that can't be the same as on another account which is why your newly created account is going through the verification process / account is locked.

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