I Paid $10 Via Paypal, and My Account Locked, Why ?

February 11, 2015 5.8k views

Why my account locked ?

Paid $10 via paypal . .
Ticket : #529277

i got email . .
**Thanks for using DigitalOcean. We have applied your PayPal payment to your account.

Keep in mind that we require you to pre-pay one month+ in advance for your droplets while using PayPal.

If you have any questions please open a support ticket or visit our community:

Happy Coding,

and my account locked . .
I connected Twitter, Github and verified e-mail aaaand.... ACCOUNT LOCKED!

Please, Help me !

My Email : mrjoylobo88@gmail.com

  • Me too , ACCOUNT LOCKED!!!

  • me too. terrible experience

  • They are not even giving a reply, i think we are pissed off

  • meee tooo :-(, disgusting..

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5 Answers

Its probably best to raise a ticket rather than “ask the community” Simply because you will need a DO employee to help.

Digital Ocean no longer allow multiple accounts with the same billing profile. Each account must have its own unique billing profile that can’t be the same as on another account which is why your newly created account is going through the verification process / account is locked.

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