I Paid Via Paypal, and My Account Locked, Why ?

Posted April 1, 2015 3.3k views

Hello ,
Why my account locked ?
I Paid 50$ + 10 $ Via Paypal,
and my account got locked i don’t know why :(

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i got this : Thanks! Our Support Team will be in touch as soon as your information has been reviewed. To speed up the process, you can fill out the verification form.

and after i verified 4 steps :p
why ;


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4 answers

same stuff happened…flow my money back

We employ an automated system to flag accounts for further review based on a number of criteria. I understand this can be frustrating and we wish as much as you do that this was not necessary. Unfortunately we see a large volume of fraudulent or abusive accounts. Once the support team has reviewed your details your account will be activated and you can start creating droplets. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • It’s just a bad experience, bad for business. You go to a store, pay for item and clerk says no no I ’m not giving you an item until you produce verification that your money is good, proving you are who you are and unless you tell us what you need this item for in written format.

    Would you go back to that store again?

  • I do understand your frustration but adding your card to pay for a droplet is more akin to renting a car or apartment than making a purchase in a store. When you add your card it is verified to be active but since you are on a post-payment account you are basically being extended a line of credit throughout the month while your droplets are running and charged at the end of the month. Sometimes additional steps are required to verify that you are the cardholder associated with the card especially in cases where you may be associated with other accounts in our systems. When it is possible to create larger droplets and multiple droplets on your account it is possible to use hundreds or even thousands of dollars in services before your card is actually charged. We do appreciate that this may be inconvenient and we are always working to improve our processes and require verification of fewer and fewer accounts, as long as there are people out there working hard to defraud us and other online services we must continue to work hard to prevent this type of fraud.

I already had a DigitalOcean account with 20$ Credit, I use it for hobby anyway, and all of a sudden no EMAILS, no emails regarding anything at all from server details to profile details absolutely nothing, so I deactivated my account and created again with the same email ID, and paid via PayPal, and boom account locked.

This is bad.

i have same problem how fix it? thanks

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