I paypal at step buy show me 0.

April 29, 2019 563 views
DigitalOcean Billing

I registered with a Google account and paid $5 in payPal in the second step but did not respond after payment and showed a balance of 0.

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It looks like PayPal has marked your payment as Pending, and they have not yet released the funds to us. Once they do so, your account should be activated.


  • you lie! My funds instantly transferred to DO and my account was locked right after!

    • Separate issue. Your payment was refunded 9 seconds later and we decided not to allow the account on our platform. Due to rampant abuse of our platform, we do not allow all new signups.

      • you always told you cant see communiy profiles and redirects ppl to support, why you lie, when

        • I’ve never once said that. I can connect the dots between a community account and a cloud account.

      • Same Issue. But if you’re aware of that kind of thing, why don’t you inform the service adepts beforehand… ? It is so unfair to not be treated in a regular fashion… Some optimistic procedure in account handling could help a lot to avoid an brusk denial of service… Thank you

  • OK,thanks!

  • I received a receipt for PayPal when I first paid it and it has now passed 7 hours, but the registration is still in the second step.

my account was closed im payed paypal 5$ :(

  • I’ve taken a look at your acocunt and I see that your PayPal deposit was refunded because your account is linked to a lot of abusive usage. If you would like to appeal the decision, please reply back direclty to the ticket on your account with as much information as possible.

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