I plan to run a social network on a droplet

Posted January 9, 2014 5.3k views
Hello All, I plan to run a social network on a droplet, Can I make the droplet secure enough to run a social network?

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How can this be achieved with Ubuntu ?
By writing secure code; hardening the operating system and ensuring the various levels of the application are secure. Start here
Thank you, i am not a very good coder. I would be using wordpress with buddypress. Wordpress is reasonably secure isnt it ?
This might be helpful
Thank you shall study! What about the droplet itself? I would plan to use zpanel.
zPanel has had a rocky past as far as security is concerned. There are better alternatives out there, namely Webmin/Virtualmin. Or you could learn to do the Apache conf yourself, or even use the speedier nginx (my personal favorite).
I had herd that about zadmin. But webmin/virtualmin sound good. Are they quite straight forward to install?
by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers how to login with root, how to change the root password, how to create a new user, how to give the new user root privileges, how to change the port, and how to disable root login in. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu. When you first create your server, this tutorial explains the first steps you need to take. This tutorial is written for Ubuntu 12.04.
This social network will be for a client, So i wont really be able to learn all these things this time. I have set up a droplet with zpanel for some other sites i have at the minute.

What would be the best solution for making a droplet that is suitable for this social network?

What stack does it run on and what language is it written in?
Wordpress and its a plugin called buddypress
I wouldn't use zPanel since that would make it hard to set up Varnish and nginx, but you can use W3TC or other caching plugins to speed up some of the pages.

If you want to have a secure and fast Wordpress setup, check out the links Pablo posted.
Shall give it ago.

Is there anyone out there willing to set it up for me ?
I know some people have said to do other things before trying a control panel. But personally i prefer control panels. Once i do what Pablo says, can i then add webmin ?
Webmin/virtualhost don't support Varnish. Have you tried setting it up manually? Droplets are billed hourly, it would cost you next to nothing to try it out :]
Do i need varnish ?

Setting up webmin or what pablo said above ?
You don't need it but it would drastically increase performance, so that is your choice.
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