I received an email regarding the server migration on 8th Feb, after server migration, my root password has been changed.

February 14, 2018 852 views
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I can’t login ssh/console, and my websites down. It has been few days since submitted ticket to support, but They just ignore and did not reply. My company emails all down, this is extremely unacceptable and irresponsible. I need help here, anyone please advice what should i do now.

1) I tried Power recycle on control panel but it display something error and failed.
2) I tried reset droplet root password on console recovery mode, but the password never change.
3) I tried reset root password on control panel, but my profile email is one of the email in my droplet’s website. So i can’t receive the root password since the server down.
4) I restored previous backup and snapshot, none working.

I’m helpless here, support staff never reply and help. Please anyone, i need advice. Thanks.

1 Answer

Finally, problem solved by DO support. Thanks.

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