I released an PHP Class for the Api

October 26, 2012 8k views
Hi mates, i released an php class who can be used by everyone its not a real great thing of code but it should make your life easyer to not type all of that again. https://github.com/tuefekci/DigitalOcean-PHP-Class greetings
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Thanks so much! We've tweeted this out =]
I didn't see your work before I did something similar: https://github.com/StylusEater/Dropper I asked DigitalOcean if they'd like to see more languages supported and it seems someone also asked about a native Android application. Maybe some of us can help out with this items? I'll post another forum topic about this in just a few moments.
We'd love to see more development around the API =]
Cool, 3 days ago i made it for a custom project and was planning to make it public, so here it is:

Note: PHP 5.3 or greater required.
Cool, also check out this thread:

Here is another one :)

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