I signed up and paid for a droplet, but I then thought about the monthly payments. So how do they work?

September 23, 2018 582 views
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Like I said in the title, I paid for a droplet after signing up but then thought about the payments. It’s almost the next month, so do I have to pay again the 1st of the next month leaving me with only a few days to use my droplet? Or it’s counted by number of days?

Thanks in advance

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Its counted by hours. So for example if you create a $5/month ($0.007/hour) droplet for 3 hours then delete it you will only be charged for 3 hours of use which is $0.021. Also if you want to keep a droplet but are not using it at the moment take a snapshot and delete the droplet. A snapshot is basically a backup and much cheaper then keeping droplet. When you are ready to use it again goto the snapshot and create a droplet and you’ll get all your previous work back.

  • So I’ll be charged for the time a droplet is active?

    If the droplet has no activity I’ll be charged the same right? (like the thing you said about the snapshots)

    If that’s the case, do I get extra charges if there is some kind of activity (like requests and stuff)

  • Found that extra info after searching for a bit.

    Thanks for the help!

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