I think I broke my ghost blog by updating my node version

November 22, 2013 4.4k views
On my droplet I use git to pull a new theme, and it uses SASS and Compass and Grunt to compile the code. So I needed to update nodejs for it to work. and after updating my node and rebooting the server I get a 502 Bad Gateway when I visit my site. when running (sudo or not) $ service ghost start It gives me the feedback that Ghost is started really quickly (too quickly) and if afterwards I check with $ service ghost status it says it is not running. nginx does the same.
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Try starting ghost manually -- does it work?
cd /var/www/ghost

npm start
Yes I tried that as well, it does work, however it gives me a blank ghost installation, and all my original blog posts are gone not a big deal since I was looking to upgrade ghost to a newer version anyway. but this does not keep Ghost running once I exit the terminal
I managed to solve it at the moment by using the Forever

$ npm install forever
$ forever start index.js

What commands did you run to upgrade nodejs?

Also what's the output of the following command?
sudo cat /etc/init.d/ghost | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us
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