I think I mess up the somewhere, url not pointing to my droplet.

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Hi I setup a wordpress droplet. I made a new dns record and I add the name servers at my domain name provider (namecheap). I also add the records for my mails, which are hosted at namecheap too. It’s been more then 12 hours now and the domain name still point to my older website.

I did a test at, and it says that it is propagated to my droplet ip.

When i Whois the domain name, it shows the ns from digital ocean but when I ping the url, it still shows the ip from my previous hosting.

What did I made wrong?

  • As you can see below, it would be a lot easier if we had the domain name and could actually verify what you’re talking about. Ryan can because he has access to your account, and presumably that’s how he knows you’re trying to host the domain on DigitalOcean and then point to it from NameCheap, but for the rest of us it’s a bit frustrating to have none of the information required to actually help you.

  • Sorry, I completely missed that!

  • No problem. I answered below in french, let me know if you actually speak English natively and I’ll translate.

  • a traceroute takes me to digital ocean, when I load it shows your site, my guess is that it’s either a problem with digital ocean’s dns servers or it’s a problem with your DNS records.

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A whois on your domain name indicates that it is not pointed to the DigitalOcean DNS servers:

Name Server:
Name Server:

I would check with your registrar to ensure the change is in place.

I think the OP is saying he is using namecheap’s DNS to point to a droplet.

Make sure you don’t have duplicate records. I don’t have experience with your DNS provider, but with myhosting, it is possible to have an A record point to one IP and another identical A record poing to another IP address.

Try accessing the site thru
Where ‘’ would be the ip address of your droplet, and wordpress would be directory of your wordpress install.

Also, try doing an nslookup to make sure the host is pointing toward the right IP.
The syntax is:

I know your said you did a propagate and it said the ip matched your droplet, but I would just verify.

You can then log into your DO control panel and verify the IP address of your droplet.

If the name is pointing to the right IP, I would try clearning your dns cache. If you use Chrome, it’s dns cache is particularily stubborn. Go to the following address


then select clear host cache. Close the browser, and try accessing your droplet.

  • Thanks! I don’t have duplicate records, there is only one a pointing at my droplet ip.
    I can’t access wordpress now because I already changed the address in wordpress to my url ( I can see that it is there, but all the links goes to my url.

    Doing a nslookup still show my earlier ip, not my droplet one.

  • Just for your reference…

    A great command line wordpress tool.

  • Thank, unfortunately, My computer is getting a new motherboard at the Apple store. The computer I’m using is quite limited and it’s not mine so I can’t install everything I would normally :)

    But I’ll make sure to install it when I’ll get back my computer :)

Hi ryanpq, thank you for the fast answer. Can you tell me where you got this because when I look at, it shows this:

  • Salut, redirige vers, mais ce dernier n'existe pas. L'utilisateur reçoit donc une erreur lorsqu'il essaie d'y naviguer. pointe vers qui est une IP chez DigitalOcean.

    Il faudrait que existe pour pouvoir s'y connecter. Il faudrait ajouter un “A record” ou “CNAME” si vous préférez un alias.

    Bonne chance,

  • Merci! Présentement, j'ai un A record :
    @ > ip du droplet.

    Si je comprend bien, j'en ajoute un autre qui sera : > ip du droplet.

    C'est bien ça?

  • Oui, il faudrait mettre seulement “www” il me semble, je connais mal la syntaxe du panel de DigitalOcean… mais je crois que si tu mets tu vas te retrouver avec au lieu du résultat souhaité.

    Pour la prochaine fois, inutile de masquer ton addresse IP. C'est un peu le même principe que les noms de domaine, c'est beaucoup plus difficile d'aider quand c'est caché. Si l'IP que j'ai inscrite ci-haut correspond avec celle du droplet, alors ton DNS est correct pour le domaine principal et il suffit de terminer de configurer le nouveau.

  • Oui, c'est bien J'ai donc ajouté le A www > Lorsque je regarde le Zone file, il écrit bien 1800 IN A

    J'imagine qu'il ne reste qu'à attendre :)


  • De rien! Oui, le “caching” DNS va faire que les modifications peuvent prendre du temps à apparaître. Par contre, pour quelqu'un qui n'a jamais visité le site, normalement tout devrait déjà être fonctionnel.

    Bonne chance avec le reste du site.

  • Génial merci, c'est tout nouveau pour moi l'hébergement non-administré. C'est vraiment intéressant, mais c'est un autre monde!