I use a Wordpress cloner called WPTwin. I want to know if digital ocean has all these in the Ubuntu Wordpress

December 31, 2013 2k views
The major requirements of WP Twin are as follows: - system() and exec() PHP functions should be allowed to run on the server. - zip, unzip, mysql, mysqldump, grep, and sed have to be available commands on the server. - The UID that scripts run under has to have rights to write files. - The mySQL database user has to have FULL rights to the database.
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If you care about performance, you want to stay away from DigitalOcean's WordPress One-click Install; and go with Nginx, instead.

To answer your question: DigitalOcean provides you with a server with root access. If something is available on the Ubuntu OS, it's available on DigitalOcean.
Your probably better off manually installing Wordpress on the droplet.

But to answer your question, since you have root privileges to your VPS all thews requirements should be available to you.
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