I've created Singapore droplet to use as vpn in China. Speed is dramaticaly slow. Why?

Posted June 4, 2017 6.4k views

30kb/s in too slow for facebook, youtube etc. what is it depend from?

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VPN speeds depend on a number of things ranging from the type of VPN to local internet speed, the distance you are from the VPN (from your location to the server in Singapore), latency, etc.

What kind of speeds are you receiving without the VPN (i.e. using just your local connection)? What kind of VPN did you setup, and which guide did you follow to set up the VPN?

Hello, thank you for reply.
I’m in Hangzhou city in China. Using 50Mbps China mobile internet provider.

“What kind of VPN did you setup, and which guide did you follow to set up the VPN?” Is a bit hard question for me but I can show you the code , it’s here:

I made my mi router as VPN router. Yeah it works and I have access to YouTube, Facebook, Google etc, ( if someone doesn’t know, it’s blocked in China), but the speed is much slower then other VPN services. I would prefer to pay for my own one, so very interested how to make it fast. says:
Download speed 40Mbs
Upload 7Mbs

I tried to set up an Open VPN server few weeks ago in Shanghai as well.
But the OpenVPN protocol isn’t strong enough to hide from the great firewall; few minutes after the connection the isps start to throttle down the speed, then after few day they drop the connection during the handshake…
Now I tried to set up a VPN using the auto install digital ocean project but the same problems are occurring.

Did anyone find a solution?

I have a VPS in Los Angeles that gets pretty good speeds as a VPN in China. Setup this one on Digitalocean Singapore thinking I would get blazing fast speeds, and it’s slow - very very very slow. Both are using Google’s Outline VPN docker instance.

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Singapore server is slow as hell

Source: I am in Malaysia and the ping response time is around 200ms to 300+ms, yea, wth

Going to move my droplet to base in San Francisco

Any more experiences with VPN down-/up-stream and latency from China to different droplets? I’m going to set up a droplet next month, just can’t decide which Location… I guess, Singapore is out

  • Just as an update: Just as expected. Works for a few minutes, then decreases Speed or completely dead. Appearently it is easily detected. :(