I want to experiment with Crypto Mining

Posted January 3, 2020 19.9k views
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I run my entire business on your servers. I don’t use a lot of resources right now because I’m moving assets over. But, I want to make sure that Crypto Mining is allowed on dedicated CPU droplets. If there is any risk of my account being banned, I do not want to experiment with it.

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Hi @andylehti ,

While crypto mining is not prohibited by our Terms of Service, our platform is not ideal for mining use cases.

Having tested clusters of Droplets, ranging from our Standard to CPU Optimized offerings, there’s no comparison between the hash rate of a CPU (even high-end Xeon Gold/Platinum) and that of a GPU (even lower-end GPU’s such as Vega 64’s or RX 580/590’s) or a purpose-built ASIC miner–GPU’s and ASIC easily win out. It’s simply not profitable short or long-term to use CPU’s for mining and you would spend more on infra in the Cloud than you’d earn (I’d even go as far as saying you’d likely lose money).

That being said, our CPU Optimized Droplets do provide dedicated threads (or vCPU’s). If you’re looking to test the waters, it can be done on our CPU Optimized Droplets without impacting others on the hypervisor.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have!

All the best,

Jonathan Tittle
Manager, Support

Hey @andylehti,

I would recommend you open a support ticket as this is just a community forum and is not the place to get approval.

However, you might want to review point 12.1

violation of any of these Terms of Service or any law, or if you misuse system resources, such as, by employing programs that consume excessive network capacity, CPU cycles, or disk IO.

On another note, the hash power supplied by a core is going to be way less than a mid-level GPU card?


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