I want to pay from bangladesh, i dont have paypal or credit card

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I don't have any PayPal or Credit Card as PayPal is not still supported here in Bangladesh.

In this case, how can I pay from here in bd.

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  • You know someone who takes cash for this type of servicinng . If you have anyone then please reply me . I need to pay for something

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Hi @hassanraiya

If you know someone who has a credit card, then you can ask to use their credit card and you can pay them in cash. There's currently only two choices, Credit Card or PayPal.

Don't you accept Debit card? As I saw both Credit or Debit card in billing section.

I can manage an intl Debit card, I hope so.

  • @hassanraiya
    Yes, Debit Card is supported as long as it's Visa/MasterCard, which means it actually works as a Credit Card internationally (that's how it works for most non-US countries).
    By the way, this is the community forum, so unless there's a blue MOD tag next to the username, then it's just other users trying to help out.


The primary two payment options are a valid Credit Card or a verified PayPal account. In some cases, a Debit Card can be accepted, though it all depends on the provider (i.e. issuing bank).

I've seen some Debit Cards that carry the MC/Visa logo declined. If forced pin entry is normal for the Debit Card (i.e. you have to use a pin for every purchase) then we wouldn't be able to accept it. We're also not able to accept prepaid cards (for the same reasons).

  • @jtittle Just a note, since every card issued in Denmark has been chip+PIN for the past 15 years - and it's debit cards in Denmark, but works as Visa credit card internationally - and my cards works fine with DigitalOcean.

I am now confused whether Debit Card from BD will be accepted or not? @jtittle
Could you please tell me about any record from BD or Could you please either confirm me by the link below of a Local Bank, proving Intl Debit Card. They say, It will be accepted whether Debit Card is accepted.

Here is the link

How about any other alternative way?

  • @hassanraiya

    It'd be hard to give a definite yes or no in regards to whether it'll work or not. I'd give it a shot though :-).

    I know that I've used a debit card (prior to working at DigitalOcean) and had no issues, though in some cases, debit cards that force a pin may be declined.


    I was more so referring to debit cards that won't work at all without a pin :-). I've used a debit card with a chip as well, and it worked perfectly fine, though in the past I've also ran in to issues with some banks that simply will not allow a charge through even with the MC/Visa logo. They force a pin and the card ends up being declined when ran as credit. It's certainly odd given the fact that if it's an MC/Visa, it should work as either :-).

    I've never had that issue with an AMEX or Discover though, but then again, much of how it all works depends on the bank(s) and their specific requirements.

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