I want to upgrade to php 7.2 on my site (wordpress and sentora panel).

February 24, 2019 1k views
PHP Ubuntu 16.04

Dear Hosting Provider,

I want my website to be as performant and secure as
possible with the latest version of PHP. For the server
my WordPress site is hosted on, I want to ensure that
is the case. If I am not already on the latest version
of PHP, please let me know what steps I need to take
to update.


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Hey friend,

When using something like Sentora, you will want to stick to the software stack that they install/support. If you want to go it on your own without a panel, building your own stack makes a bit more sense. Unless the developers publish instructions for upgrading it, I would strongly recommend avoiding it.

Typically in such an environment the idea is to let the developers control the whole of your stack, which allows them to ensure that the control panel continues to function as desired.


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