I was looking for your phone number /contact and Chat?

February 6, 2015 7.5k views

I was trying to call and chat i din't see option for that. do you know how to call or chat? why don't you put those in front page? every hosting has it, Only Digital ocean don't have it. Thanks

  • I am ringing the number now, have phoned you twice from the UK on my mobile too.
    There is something urgent on my account and I need to speak with someone in real time...
    Doesn't this number work?
    +1 347-903-7918

  • hi, my site world4movies.in is not working please check my site and contact me.
    my email address:nitish98828@gmail.com

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digitalocean sucks... I am using amazon AWS, screw this company.

Here is why:

When I was younger, I wanted to try out digitalocean, and I had a $30 voucher code (or sth like that.) Anyhow, this code would allow me to have a server for 1 month free. At that point in time, I was in middle school, and didn't have a debit/credit card, and I had no money in my paypal account (I didnt have any allowance or stuff). So, I decided to get smart about it and search up for a prepaid debit card with no balance on it online. Basically, you know those prepaid visa/mastercards they sell at Walmart and Safeway? Well a kind user decided to use up his card and post it online for people to use! :). So I used his $0 card to add to my account in order to use my $30 voucher because digitalocean requires users to link a card to their account (and keep in mind, this was with the original card owner's permission), and I got banned instantly for credit card fraud. Now I am a Junior in high school, and I got another voucher for $50 from github education. I am running a successful new site that has gained increasing popularity over the past few months (its 1freebit.co.in BTW), and I ran out of bandwith on my original site hoster (because of the amount of users on my site). Therefore, I decided to turn to digitalocean (and I got my own bank account, thank god) for a solution, and digitalocean told me that my account was perma banned for credit card fraud. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? A MIDDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT COMMITING TO CREDIT CARD FRAUD???!?? I explained to their support of the situation, and they said that it was still my fault, and even though I used the card with the original card owner's permission they could not unban my account. IT WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT CREDIT CARD FRAUD, AND THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON FOR THEM TO BAN ME LIKE THIS. Well, for all of you to know, AWS (amazon web services) is so much better. They are free to use, have unlimited bandwith and have wonderful tech support. I highly recommend their competitor. Companies like digitalocean should not deserve to be so big on the current marketplace.

We do not provide telephone support. You can reach out to us here in the community, by emailing contact@ or for support issues you can open a ticket with our support team or email support@ We are also available on twitter @digitalocean.

  • You have dozens of millions of invstments and you cannot have a 24\7 support at a hosting?! This is ridiculous!
    I got hacked on saturday night - tech support worked with me and said that droplet was fine, launched it back, and now, on monday afternoon, the site is locked again, I get some abuse complaints, the root password of the locked droplet stopped working and the support is not answering for more than an hour!
    And as I see from other replies - it's a normal situation for you! Very bad attitude towards customers!

    • I am sorry to hear that. We do offer 24/7 support via our ticket system. If you can share your ticket number with me I would be happy to look into this for you.

      If you can provide a few details on what steps you have taken to secure the services on your droplet that would be helpful.

      • Thanks, everything got worked out so far, but I had to wait a long time.

      • 14 hours and still my problem not fixed, every reply takes at least one hour, and maximum of 5 hours. this is a disgrace, i wish i would have never found this service.


You are not replying, your servers and hardware are not stable, and its just a paid to work with you.

Expecting a senior acc. manager to contact me today if you wish to have us remaining as your customers.

Hey please approve my account, I had paid you then why are you behaving like this

hey please approve my account, i already filled all the information you have requested and i have pay also

im new but first impression im upset i paid you and im wasting my time now and my client is waiting for me so!!!!

Again , my account was freezed. although i added my debitcard but they didnt approve my payment.
now when i tried to pay , i cant able to add another cc , nor via paypal . i dont know whats happening?
imust shift my site to other server as i am getting major problems with DO.

i am waiting for your reply in my email.
please unlock my account so that i can add another payment method.

you guys suck....no support...am not going to threaten like others- i am changing my site right away..suckers....

Real surprising service by DO. They should have mentioned that in the home page, so that we wouldnt have been in the hosting service. Now that my site has been hacked, I really need their support and the service is pathetic.


Mysql Error in server side please resolve that issue

My Site au.quixom.com is not working. I am not even able to SSH it. I tried rebooting the instance multiple times. Can i know the issue here?

Agreed with everyone else here, no phone sevice is awefull I had someone hack my website and is holding my database hostage. Going to AWS.

  • I have the same problem... and my serviver is out for four hours.. and they dont care... I send many messages... they ares just ignoring... Going to AWS in 3 2 1...

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