I would like to transition from my assigned ip to a floating ip

July 30, 2019 105 views

I don't want the site to go down, so is it possible to be assigned a floating ip as well as the automatic ip address? After a suitable period of time (say 24 hours) I can then get rid of the automatic address

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MattIPv4 MOD July 31, 2019
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Hi there @wnross,

You should be able to assign a new floating IP to the existing Droplet whilst keeping the automatically assigned IP. The automatic IP address can never be removed, it will exist alongside any floating IP attached to the Droplet.

Once you have attached the new floating IP, you can make your systems migrations to this new IP at your own pace as the original assigned IP will also remain active.

Please note that floating IPs do not behave identically to the assigned IP addresses, please consult our documentation if you face any issues or reach out on the Community here!


Hope that helps!
- Matt.

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