If I get a droplet, can I configure an OpenDNS setup on it?

March 3, 2019 571 views


I currently have a small office and use OpenDNS with DDNS setup in the office (for blocking porn and social networking sites).

I wanted to setup a VPN, for which I installed Windows Server 2019 on a machine and ran my own VPN.
Sadly, after the setup, I was not able to access the VPN over the internet.

Then after further digging I realised that I am behind a carrier grade NAT and there’s no way I can bypass it unless I pay my ISP for a business line which will cost me more than my office’s income.

So I was wondering,

  1. Can I buy a Droplet and install Windows Server 2019 on it?

  2. Can I make the droplet use OpenDNS along with their site blocking system via DNS?

Only a maximum of 4 devices will be connected to the DigitalOcean droplet.

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Hey friend,

Great question! Sorry about the trouble you’ve had locally on this. Let me grab those questions:

  1. Though it may be technically possible to rig up, this is not something that we support or guarantee.
  2. Absolutely. On a Linux system this is basically just editing /etc/resolv.conf. The steps can get a bit more involved in some newer distros, which just means editing interface config.


  • Hello @jarland,

    Thank you for your response.

    I will either probably setup a forwarding DNS server on the droplet or setup an SSH tunnel to my Windows Server.

    I have two more questions.

    1. Will the droplet have it’s own dedicated IPv4 address?
      (This option will be helpful if I want to setup my own forwarding DNS which forwards all requests to OpenDNS)

    2. If I SSH tunnel the droplet to my own Windows Server, will I be able to forward only certain limited ports to it or can I forward literally all ports to my Windows Server?
      (Yes, I am kind of a newbie in this matter as I have never used SSH tunneling before).

    • Happy to offer the best advice that I can :)

      1. One dedicated IPv4 address, and 16 IPv6 addresses if you enable the option
      2. Entirely your call, forward as desired
      • Thank you.

        One final question @jarland

        If I have the cheapest droplet of $5,

        Let’s say I completely destroy it and then after destroying it get a new droplet. Will I be still charged $5?
        Is the usage billing done on an hourly basis?

        • Great question! So it is hourly, up to the monthly cost. That is per line item. So if you have a $5 droplet for enough time that the hourly reaches up to $5, destroying it will not prevent you from being charged the full $5 (basically we give a little time free by cutting off the hourly when it reaches $5).

          Also, if you have a $5 droplet and destroy it in the middle of the month, then spin up another $5 droplet at the same time, you may be billed a little bit over $5 because the second droplet will continue to count hourly through the rest of the month (eliminating that free time for having reached $5 by the hourly cost). I hope that makes sense, so few ever even see this but it is a technical possibility in the calculations, and the difference is pennies really.

          Then for a third scenario, if you destroy a $5 droplet before it reaches $5 in hourly charges, you will pay less than $5.

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