If I reset the droplet password, will this power down the droplet and delete all that was on the server?

June 7, 2019 286 views
Ubuntu 18.04 Initial Server Setup


I’m afraid if I follow the instructions above, it will over write all the work I’ve done.

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No,it will be shutted down but droplet won’t be delete, i have tried.


When initiating a root password reset from our cloud control panel, a reboot will be required. No physical data loss should occur with a reboot, though it depends on how you’re storing data.

For example, If data is being stored to the disk or has a means of persisting through a reboot (in cases where data is cached to memory, such as Redis), it will be available once the Droplet has rebooted.

In cases where data is being stored to an ephemeral data store, such as RAM, that data would not persist through a reboot unless you have another means of storing before shutdown and then restoring during boot.

@here thank you so much for your reply. I think I understand, so if I navigate to the “recovery” tab. Boot from hard drive is selected, this means the wpdb is stored on the HD and will be deleted if powered down.

If I select Boot from ISO the DB will be stored on a separate drive? And then safely restored after powering back up?

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