Image ids

April 18, 2014 5k views
Hi, For creating a droplet with distribution Ubuntu 13.10 x64 I usually used image_id '1505699'. However, it seems that this image_id is changed. When I create a droplet with this I get the following error. --> digitalocean: Error creating droplet: Received error from DigitalOcean (404): You specified an invalid image for Droplet creation. To solve this problem I had to fetch all the images and find out that this distribution has a new image_id called '3101918'. Is there anything changed?
2 Answers
Right. You can always retrieve the full, up to date list with the API:[client_id]&api_key=[api_key]&filter=global

All our images were recently updated to include new versions of OpenSSL that are patched against the Heartbleed bug. That's probably why the ID changed :]
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