Image updates for Arch Linux

Posted November 5, 2012 24.1k views
Since Arch Linux is moving from initscripts to systemd ( ) it would be great to update your Arch Linux droplet image. ;)

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'll start looking into it!
As this is somehow connected.

I'm trying to follow and switch to systemd manually. However, I don't know how to change cmdline options. Changing /boot/grub/menu.lst to add `init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd` does not change anything.

I guess bootargs are given from the host. Any way to alter this from the guest?
We do not use grub so changing any options there would not have an affect on the virtual server.

We are going to look into rebuilding the Arch Linux image to get an updated one released which will not require any additional work from customers.
@dpc you can change init by installing
Updating the Arch Linux image would be great. The current one is ancient (in Arch terms) and just makes it harder for customers to get their servers up and running.
Any updates on this? I'd love to use arch with systemd all setup. I had issues configuring netcfg.
I second that. Having a free Arch install would be nice.
+1 - looking forward to this as well.. i hosed my droplet trying to manually switch to systemd :)
You said you started looking into this in November. Any updates?
I specifically picked up a vps here to run arch so I was quite disappointed when I discovered the issues referenced above. +1 to getting this fixed, and fast.
+1. I'd use an updated Arch image.
Yeah, the move to systemd is pretty huge, so an updated image would be awesome.
+1 for this.
Please make an updated image.
Please switch to systemd asap. Also a new Linux image would be nice :)
We are working on getting a new Arch Linux image added =]
Hi, looks like the previous Arch Linux image has been removed (just checked 2 days ago), what's the status of it? Would prefer Arch to all the other options.
I agree. I still prefer a somewhat outdated Arch over no Arch...
We temporarily removed it until we can get an updated version rolled out because there were quite a few support tickets related to it being outdated.
That's a nice thing about arch linux, you don't have to re-install when a new iso comes out.
We're testing some new ways to get new updated versions of support Linux distros, the change in the process is part of the hold up on getting a new version released, but it should smooth out future releases after we work through the kinks now.
When should we expect an Arch image to be available again?
This is primarily what I am waiting on to sign up for DigitalOcean. I think arch is a very clean, solid, and stable release to use for hosting. But if it's not offered, why?
+1 for the Arch Linux image. I have already set up my account with all the infos, and the only thing I'm waiting for to create a Droplet is an Arch Image. Any chance of a timetable or more infos on the hold-up? I really don't want to have to switch to Debian.
At this point this is embarrassing. The previous image was removed a month ago with no real explanation other than a hazy "well, we're working on it." Unacceptable. I guess I'll cut my losses, look for another provider, and start recommending to other people that they skip digitalocean due to their inability to communicate adequately.
The images are backup.

You can send your complaints directly to Arch. I've never seen another distro remove so many fundamentals of Linux.

Let the flame war begin ;) hehe
just noticed that they are back up. happened to check on the day that it went up! thanks. Also, not sure I would say "remove".. "replace" is probably more fitting :)
Just created an Arch droplet (twice) using the new image. I logged in as root, then ran pacman -Syu. A few packages were updated including an updated kernel (3.8.5.*). Then rebooted via the reboot command. The droplet didn't come back up either time and I couldn't log in through VNC in my account.

We don't yet have kernel management ready which is why the reboot failed after the kernel update.

We are working on getting this rolled and hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks it will be available, then you can do the update, grab the kernel, and boot from it.
Yeah I thought as much.

To be able to use the new image and update the system, without updating the kernel, I've entered:


into /etc/pacman.conf, which means I can safely update the droplet for now and wait for the kernel management become available.

raiyu, can we upgrade the kernel now?
Another +1 for this, systemd has been the default in arch for almost a year now. Things will only get more out of date...

Running a full pacman will nuke your drop :)
I'm considering signing up, but does a full pacman still bork the drop?
Is there any chance of upgrading the Arch image?

It's been a long, long, long time...
is there anybody out there?
There are currently no updates on Arch Linux images unfortunately.
Would really appreciate this since right now it seems to be impossible to get a Arch setup booting natively with systemd, which has been the default configuration for a while now and is a much better option than sysvinit.
Couldn't get new arch linux droplet working.
Please also update the image to a newer kernel and netctl instead of netcfg per default. If possible i would really like to help out on this!
To upgrade your arch image: Here is a small guide, where i have written down all steps i have done for my image. Especially the steps in '' are important:

Maybe this helps
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