Images on Gmail with problem

December 11, 2014 2k views

Complicated issue:

The emails with image sent from my email marketing system for Gmail accounts stopped displaying the images. Ex. <Img src = "" alt = ""> in GMail is getting <img src = "image1.jpg" alt = ""> only.

Looking at the code it seems that GMail is removing the full location of the image and leaving only the file name in the src attribute.

I tried sending my own server and yahoo and images appear without problem, only in GMail that the problem appears.

Could someone show me what to do?


1 Answer

I found the problem, and seems so weird.

The problem was that in my e-mail's html body the src attribute was referencing the image like <img src="HTTP://www.image.local/image.jpg" alt="" /> with the protocol upper case. After I rewrite the src value to "http://www.image.local/image.jpg" (protocol in lower case) the GMail return to show the image properly.

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