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April 28, 2017 1.6k views
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Does “private networking” improves outgoing connection (on port 80) for example, I know DO provides as documentation says :
“Each physical hypervisor node has multiple 1Gbps network links (up and down). These connections are shared by the droplets on the node” and wondering is there a way to make neighbor-independant network improvements

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jtittle1 April 28, 2017
Accepted Answer


Are you currently having an issue in terms of network performance on the public network?

Private Networking provides a way for Droplets in the same Data Center to communicate over a non public network – it is, however, shared, so it still needs to be secured as if it were public.

The performance of the network, whether public or private, in terms of the uplinks on the core bare-metal server (that hosts each Droplet), will depend on activity. While network speeds are, from my experience, consistent (at least in the NYC data centers – those are the main ones I use), they can fluctuate since the uplinks are not dedicated, thus do not provide the speeds that such would be capable of.

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