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Posted October 3, 2019 1.9k views
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i need to move my project from AWS to Digital ocean which about 6-7 GB of data and i have already made a droplet on DO with ubuntu installed in it, now the thing is i have fired “wget” command to transfer a zip file containing all data on AWS EC2 instance to DO Droplet, i have a 2 core 40$/Month droplet but the data transfer is painfully slow at 200KBPS, can i know the reason ? and what about the data transfer charges is inbound data transfer included in the given bandwidth of droplet cost or its billed separately?

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According to the documentation, the Inbound bandwidth to Droplets is always free:

Regarding the download speed, I’ve just tested it on my droplet and it is currently:

Download: 4676.29 Mbit/s

What are the locations of your AWS EC2 instance and the location of your DO droplet?

You could try using this tool to check your download speed:


  • My EC2 is based in Mumbai (India) and DO droplet is based in Bengaluru (India), I transferred a zip file of 6.5 GB and it took me around 3.5 Hours. I tested with another droplet from another DO account based in bengaluru (india) still the speeds are very low when transferring data into droplet, always below 1 Mb/S for me.

    • Hello,

      This would really depend on the source host that you are downloading from as well.

      I’ve created a droplet in Bengaluru and I tested the download speed and it reported to be:

      Testing download speed...............................................
      Download: 752.26 Mbit/s

      I also tested this with a server from Mumbai:

      Testing download speed...............................................
      Download: 482.28 Mbit/s

      There’s some difference due to the ~900km distance between the two locations.