Incorrect file structure or DNS records issue?

February 8, 2017 986 views
DNS Ubuntu 16.04

Hi All,

This is my first time using DO and pretty much my first time of setting up my own website - so apologies if this is a daft question....

I have created my DO droplet with Ubuntu 16.04 and installed LAMP and then Wordpress. I also attached my domain name to my droplet. My problem is that rather than Wordpress showing up under or it's only showing up under (Yes indeed, I did create the db name as wordpress). I get the Apache 'It Works' page when I type either the IP address or

Can anyone tell me where I've gone wrong and importantly, how to put it right so that the wordpress install showing under my domain name rather than the /wordpress sub folder?

If it helps, the domain is

Many thanks in advance


1 Answer

Under Apache... sites Available... copy the default then paste it back with the name of your site name and edit its contents to match your site.

Or you can edit the default to match your site location.

Then run a2ensite... if you added the new site by copying the default then changing it... not sure if you need to run it if only editing the Default file.

The Default is what is saying "it Works"

You need to point it to the correct Website.

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