Incorrect MacBook keyboard mapping in console

December 4, 2014 2.3k views

How can I get the DigitalOcean Control Panel console use the correct layout of my MacBookPro (Swiss German) keyboard? Even though it is a Swiss German layout, what I get in the console does not even resemble the US one...

Tried the following (with reboots) to no avail, the console keymap does not even look like the US one

  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration (MacBookPro, Switzerland, German)
  • sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data (pc / qwertz / Swiss / German / Apple USB)


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Why are you using the console?

  • Poor answer. SSH works fine, but due to firewall settings at some locations I need an HTTPS-based access as well. And yes, there is a workaround, e.g. log into Cloud9 and use their terminal with SSH (works as well). But why would I want a workaround if this is an advertised feature of DigitalOcean?

  • I asked because some users are unaware of SSH.

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