Incorrect Ubuntu Version Displayed for Droplets

September 18, 2017 1.9k views
DigitalOcean Control Panels Ubuntu

I’m currently updating several Droplets to 16.04. After completing the upgrade, choosing the new kernel, and restoring network as described here, Digital Ocean is still displaying the original Ubuntu version on the Droplets page, as shown here.

Not a big deal at the moment, but as I continue to add new droplets, it would be ideal if this actually updated to show the current Ubuntu version so I can know if droplets need to be upgraded or not - began running an update on the Droplet listed as 15.10 only to discover I’d already upgraded it to 16.03. Is this a bug that will be addressed?

1 Answer

DigitalOcean cannot easily detect your OS version, it just shows what the droplet was created with.

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