Increase Chunk Upload Apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04

October 14, 2015 1.9k views
Apache PHP

I’m hosting the API for an app on Apache2/Ubuntu 14.04. Users of the app should be able to upload image but there is something in the server configuration prohibiting. I checked the uploadmaxfile_size in php.ini and it should be just fine for the photo I am trying to upload. The error I am getting within the app is “chunk size is larger than 512 kb”. I tried adding “LimitRequestBody 0” to the apache configuration file but still does not work. Where possible could there be another limitation for users uploading?

I checked permissions on the folder and they were set to 775. I changed and tried 755 - still nothing. Please help!!

I know this is a server issue because the application works fine on our old godaddy server.

1 Answer

The answer for this is likely to switch to a streaming protocol instead of a chunked upload. Without knowing more about your code, I can recommend looking at this for a potential implementation:

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