initial git setup on the droplet

April 27, 2014 5.3k views
Hello, I created a new droplet (ubuntu ghost), and tried the following strategy to copy my local ghost blog (node.js app): git remote -v production root@my.ip.address:droplet-name (fetch) production root@my.ip.address:droplet-name (push) git push -u production master fatal: Could not read from remote repository I am wondering if something like this is supported right after creating of the droplet, or would I need to setup git on my droplet?
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Pushing git repositories isn't setup out of the box on the Ghost droplet, but it's pretty simple to accomplish. Check out this tutorial:

Let us know how it goes! If you have any issues, don't hesitate to ask.
by Caio Vaccaro
This article will teach you how to use Git when you want to deploy your application. While there are many ways to use Git to deploy our application, we'll focus on the one that is most straightforward.
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