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July 22, 2018 739 views
CentOS Control Panels

Hello there, quick question from newbie as after first attempt, I got not secure log in warning, my “https” was not working.

So I want to install c-Panel on CentOS and want to know the order to do it.

What I did previously was this:

  • Added CloudFlare NS inside Domain Provider
  • Created the droplet inside DO
  • Added the domain to the droplet
  • Start installing c-Panel

aaaand got in that black window some warnings about kernel and when went to log in using https://mydroppletip:2078 got warning that SSL sertificate is not working.

Anyone help and let me know the proper flow of installing and connecting things as providing tutorial sources?


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Hello friend!

At this time cPanel issues free SSL certificates for WHM/cPanel, but you need to use the server hostname rather than the IP in browser, as SSL certificates are signed only for names and not IP addresses. I highly recommend their installation guide, as the cPanel team has heavily documented it:

Kind Regards,

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