Install Html2Wiki extension on one-click Mediawiki application

April 20, 2017 1.5k views
Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04

I have successfully installed mediawiki by one click.

The project I am doing needs me to convert into a wiki.

For that I am currently downloading the whole website as a zip.

Then I would need to convert the whole thing into a wiki.

I found this tool:

Which should do the job just fine.

Can someone explain to me how I can install extensions on my wiki?

1 Answer
  • Sure will. How do I access my extension folder on my droplet, do you know?
    Cause when I hit dir on my ssh login terminal, nothing shows
    So I basically need to find out how to access the extension path of my mediawiki droplet

    • @Sternenfisch
      It's probably located in a sub directory in /var/www

      • indeed, when I entered cd /var/www/ and hit enter, I got into a path. There dir showed only html. Entered there and found extension.

        So the whole path for extension folder in one click mediawiki is

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