Install image optimisation packages in ubuntu - for wordpress

June 24, 2013 6k views
Hello, I think I maybe doing it wrong but I'm unable to install the following: pngout - I D/d the binaries from here > Then followed these instructions > > (Changed package name and home directory as needed) optipng - Actually Installed OK I think jpegtran - Unable to locate package (installed by: sudo apt-get install jpegtran) gifsicle - FATAL Failed to fork (installed by: sudo apt-get install gifsicle) I'm trying to install the EWWW-Image optimiser on a wordpress site, which is on a zpanel back-end. I have tried other image optimizers with none of them working -- they make my wordpress admin section white page. Except WP-Smush, which tells me 'Bad response from' when I process any images. I do want to get this working for any future wordpress client sites which may want to use image opts. I'm brand new to all this server installation, but trying to learn. Been trying to fix this for hours now and its doing my head in. Can anybody help?
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  • 2.5 years old request, but ranks high in google :) and ran into the same kind of issues. Below you can find the solution. Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS myself.

    apt-get install imagemagick php5-imagick
    apt-get install libjpeg-progs
    apt-get install graphicsmagick
    apt-get install gifsicle

    wget &&\
    tar -xf pngout-20150319-linux.tar.gz &&\
    rm pngout-20150319-linux.tar.gz &&\
    cp pngout-20150319-linux/x86_64/pngout /bin/pngout &&\
    rm -rf pngout-20150319-linux

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Hello! For help on this plugin, you may find some useful advice by selecting the "support" tab on the plugin page:

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