Install multiple domain on one droplet

December 21, 2014 3.9k views

My first question is can i setup multiple domain on one droplet ? Is there any step by step how to do this ? I want to install wordpress both on that domain.

Second, can i make a sub domain on my primary domain then install new wordpress in it ? Technically this should same with my first question.

Third, can i remotely control my VPS (site & database) through some IDE apps ? not through ssh.

For your information, I’m installing my droplet with Ubuntu for wordpress.


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This question was answered by @gabetron:

Yes, you can do this with virtual hosting. This is a default thing to do in apache. If you’re using a control panel such as cpanel, directadmin, webmin, etc, this will be much easier.

Since webmin is a free control panel, I’ll link you to their instructions on this:

You can see the comment here.

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