Install phpmyadmin in a Droplet with Laravel

June 27, 2016 3k views
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Hello. I need to install phpmyadmin in the same Droplet that i have a working Laravel installation, how can i do this? I'm using the LEMP Stack.

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First off, I highly advise against PHPMyAdmin. It's insecure, and unless you subscribe to their RSS, it may be behind on updates for a while (therefore vulnerable) before you notice and update it. This is a common entry point for people who want access to your server/data.

My advice: MySQL Workbench in conjunction with setting up custom rules in your firewall to allow remote MySQL from your IP address.

Basically, by default, you can only gain access to MySQL via localhost (on the server).

By adding PHPMyAdmin, you're giving the world potential access to your database server.

Respond to this answer if you want more in-depth assistance.

I'll need to know the Linux distro your server is using (Ubuntu/CentOS/Fedora/etc)

I need to install PHPMyAdmin on ubuntu 16 LEMP stack with laravel installation. Please help

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