Install Wordpress and a Node JS Server

September 19, 2017 3.3k views
WordPress Node.js Ubuntu 16.04

Hello all. I'm new to Digital Ocean. I am trying to deploy my React APP in my server alongside with an WordPress Installation.

My APP is working fine at this moment but my current Wordpress installation is on another server and I want to migrate it to my digital ocean droplet.

Any hints or tutorials?

Best Regards

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You can add an additional server block/virtual host to your web server to serve your Wordpress app separately. What you would need to do is transfer all of the files to your React Droplet, migrate the database over, and set up the virtual host. Here are some tutorials that can help:

by Etel Sverdlov
This article covers the process required to transfer MySQL data between two servers. This tutorial includes steps on how to perform a MySQL dump, transfer the database with SCP, and then reimport it on the second server.
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