Install wordpress on rails app with subdomain.

April 14, 2019 298 views
WordPress Ruby on Rails Ubuntu 18.04

I have created a droplet where i host my rails app. and i am following this tutorial.
now how can i create a subdomain where i can host my wordpress site on that same droplet.

Thank you

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Basically two things need to happen for you to take your existing server, which currently uses Nginx to reverse proxy to a Rails app, and run a Wordpress site alongside it:

  1. New server block defined for Wordpress site.
  2. PHP installed / configured with Nginx, and that server block.

These steps will not be exact, given that you’re not working from a clean slate. However, this guide should make an excellent reference for the steps necessary in this process:


by Justin Ellingwood
WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the internet. It allows you to easily set up flexible blogs and websites on top of a MySQL backend with PHP processing. WordPress has seen incredible adoption and is a great choice for getting a website up and...
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