Installation of Tomcat on Ubuntu 18.04 and AWS

December 23, 2018 646 views
Linux Commands Ubuntu 18.04

I followed your wonderful guide explaining how to install Tomcat on Ubuntu 18.04 but on my server it does not work.
I have some questions to ask you. Your guide is perfect but I struggle a lot with English and I’m not a systems engineer.
01 - When I start with step 1, do I need to be connected to the new user or can I use root?
02 - If I used root throughout the guide how can I start over again without making any other mess?
03 - Which commands can I launch from the terminal to figure out where I was wrong?
To create the new user I used only these two commands:

adduser giampierotomcat
usermod -aG sudo giampierotomcat

04 - Is it right or do I have to follow all the guidance on the page to which the guide refers?

Thank you

Your guide: https: //

P.S.: I use AWS EC2 like VPS.

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