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August 1, 2019 121 views
Ruby on Rails Ubuntu 18.04

I use the Rails droplet on Ubuntu 18 to have a pre configured installation, because I'm new to this and don't want to configure everything.

I have a rails application but can not access it in the browser. The configuration in nginx and puma is set to my application but in the browser is still "Yay! You’re on Rails!".

Puma and nginx are restarted.
What else is to configure? I found many tutorials, but all outdated.

thanks in advance.

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Hello, Chris

You can follow this article in order to configure your Rails App. It's for Ubuntu 14.04, but I believe the process should not be that different for version 18.

Let us know how it goes.


by Mitchell Anicas
When you are ready to deploy your Ruby on Rails application, there are many valid setups to consider. This tutorial will help you deploy the production environment of your Ruby on Rails application, with PostgreSQL as the database, using Puma and Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04. Puma...
  • Thank you for your responses.
    I saw the tutorial before and some for Ubuntu 18, but the configuration differ from the Rails droplet.

    But after changing the rails.service again, it's working.
    It's not 100% it should be, but at the moment I'm ok with it.


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