Installing Apache with Shellscript

December 22, 2015 5.9k views
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I am new scripting . I want install Apache server using scripting in fedora.
Give me instruction and scripting for this


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Hey there,

The great thing about shell scripting is that it starts with the exact commands you would use when doing the task at hand manually. A simple shell script that would install Apache on Fedora may look like:

yum -y install httpd
systemctl enable httpd
systemctl start httpd.service

You would want to place those lines in a file that is executable. chmod +x will make executable. You could then execute the script by running ./

You can also use our User Data feature to automate software installations when creating a Droplet. Here is a repo of User Data scripts that we've already written.

Happy coding,

Jon Schwenn
Platform Support Specialist

by Mitchell Anicas
Update CloudInit link and conclusion Metadata is a service provided to DigitalOcean droplets that allows a droplet to access data about itself, i.e. its metadata. Examples of available droplet metadata include user-provided user data, droplet ID, data center region,...
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