Installing Piwik alongside Ghost with an Ngnix separate server block

November 30, 2014 2.5k views

I have ghost running with nginx on my droplet. I would like to add Piwik for analytics. I believe I need to add another server block with the document root pointing towards the location of my Piwik directory. I've tried this but when browsing to mydropletip/piwik I still get an error from ghost. Has anyone tried this before or at least know how to add other applications on the same server as your ghost installation?

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I guess you installed Ghost in your root domain (i.e., the easy alternative is to install Piwik in a subdomain (i.e.

Another option is to install Ghost in a subdomain (i.e. or in subdirectory (i.e.

If you really want to have both as subdirectories of your root domain (i.e. and you need to configure the proxy_pass option in Nginx.

Now, this is not really an answer to your question, but I'm monitoring my Ghost blog with Piwik via Sandstorm [0], so in this way you don't waste your VPS resources and you get your Piwik analytics for free.


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