Installing Pthreads with LAMP on a blank droplet

February 2, 2014 7.5k views
I'm having a lot of trouble installing Pthreads on a blank droplet (tried Ubuntu, Centos & Debian). I just can't get it to install. Could somebody link me to a guide on how to this from the start? OS doesn't matter. Thanks!
5 Answers
Does installing php5-dev, cloning and running phpize in the root directory of the repo work?
(Try that out on an Ubuntu droplet)
class 'Thread' not found :/
Which means it's not installed yet :(
How are you running the file? Trhough the CLI or apache?

It also seems like you can install it from PECL which should be easier. Try running the following commands:
sudo apt-get install php-pear

sudo pecl install pthreads
sudo service apache2 restart
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