Installing Streama on Ubuntu 14.04

March 28, 2017 671 views
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Hello All,

I am new to hosting without a cPanel. The creator of the Streama platform: that the link to their website, told me about Digital Ocean and this is the hosting I need with Ubuntu 14 which I have and am using, but I can't get my website to show up after trying to follow the instructions on his website. Can someone try to help me install this or make a video on how to install it?

I will greatly appreciate any help with this project!

Best Regards,
Jarrod Estepp

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  • Jarrod, I used to have a streama instance running on an Ubuntu 14.04 droplet and created it by following the instructions here. Is this the guide you are using? If so did any of the steps result in warning or error messages?

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