Installing WHM/Cpanel before site is fully moved to digitalocean.

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This is a question that I asked buycpanel. My question was not answered very well. I am moving from a shared host to a VPS. I have copied/cloned our websitr site to the new VPS which resides on digitalocean.

Source site:
New vps:

Both sites, above, are operational. The site has a shopping cart with a database. It would be much easier to use Cpanel and create the database with the Cpanel and have the new site on the VPS fully operational before changing the name servers. Bottom line, I want to install the Whm/Cpanel to new vps before changing the name servers at Godaddy. (ip address

Can this be done. Do I need to uninstall Apache before installing WHM/Cpanel Would my fully qualified hostname be my CentOS droplet name which includes the domain name of our current site. (The name server at godaddy still points to the old server. Is this OK?

  • You can install WHM/cPanel and then preeview the website using the ~username value after the Ip address that you use to access WHM.
    Also, WHM removes Apache during the installation and installs it’s own.

  • Thanks. I will not bother to uninstall Apache. Do I need to remove php5.4 which I already installed. I read about installing on a clean system.

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The best case scenario on moving from a cPanel shared host to running your own cPanel/WHM VPS, would be to pre-install cPanel/WHM and configure it to your liking. Then use the backup function with your current host to export the entire cPanel account (mail, web files, databases, logs), and then restore it within WHM on your new VPS. Once that is transferred, you’d need to update the DNS to point to the new VPS.

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