Invalid email or password - No response from support since 7 days - Don't know if hacked or banned

Posted May 27, 2017 2.4k views

I’m really disappointed and worried. Tried to login to my account 1 week ago, got “Invalid email or password”. Since my spotify account was hacked not too long ago, I thought that my digitalocean account might also been taken over. So I wrote to the support, and didn’t get any response whatsover. I also didn’t get any mail about my passwort being reset, mail changed or account banned. No chance for me to get into my account. Also trying to re-register with my mail, it tells me “Invalid email or password”.

At this point, I don’t know what to do. Since my credit card details are saved on digitalocean, I’d really hope that this was taken seriously by DO support. Any advice what I can do?


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Hey there,

You can email, but if you’ve already done that and you’re not getting replies, then it’s a safe bet that we can’t email you back for some reason. We’re probably not aware of the fact that you’re not receiving our emails in such a case. If you have been compromised, it may even be possible that someone viewing your email is deleting our replies before you see them. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of such an event, if I’m honest.

Toss an email at me,, and I’ll do my best to help. If you don’t get a response from me in a few hours, safe to say I didn’t get it. Try using another email address if that is the case.

Kind Regards,
Platform Support Lead

  • Thanks for your help. The email exchange worked well between us. My current setup involves a mail forwarding from icloud to gmail, and only the mails seem to be getting lost in the void, I’ve never experienced such issues before and I’m getting email from other senders perfectly fine.

    Still not sure what went wrong with my DO account. I found a 5$ droplet that I don’t remember I created. Well, I erased everything, setup 2-factor auth, and now everything seems to be working good.

    Thanks for the quick get back, I’m happy again! :)


Since this a user-to-user community, unfortunately, there’s not much that we can do on our end.

I sent an e-mail over to one of the Platform Support Specialists to see if they can help speed things up for you. Hopefully that’ll help get the ball rolling in the event the account has been compromised.

In regards to your credit/debit card, DigitalOcean doesn’t store these types of things locally, so your credit/debit card number wouldn’t be exposed to someone, thus they wouldn’t be able to run with it and rack up charges.

Of course, they could potentially change the e-mail and password, as well as delete any data (Droplets, Block Storage, SSH Keys, etc) on the account. Hopefully they can work with you to get this taken care of quickly though!

That being said, I would definitely consider enabling two-factor authentication on your account once the issue is resolved. It’s an extra step to log in, though it’s far more secure.

Thanks for the quick answers, good to see the fast response times. My mail account should be fine, it has 2-factor auth activated since a few years. I’ve no idea what happened to my mails, I used as recipient.

I just sent another mail to Let me know if you got it, if not I’ll try via another mail address.

Best regards,