ip address for ns1.digitalocean.com for domain name

February 29, 2016 5k views
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I am using a droplet from the digitalocean and would like to connect my purchaced domain name to the ip allocated to me here.

i’ve read the domain name help/guide and have tried to follow it registering the


in the the named server where i purchased the domain name. However this site requires me to also add the corrosponding IPs to the above three domain names thus would like to request for the ips.

Thank you for your time

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  • Using the IP address of a NS server brakes the point of using a NS server, the main idea behind NS is your domain name is always requested to the NS servers, so if for any extraordinary reason a NS needs to change its IP address you can still reach it using its FQDN. If your register asks for your NS IP address then you may need to transfer your domain name to a real Register.

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You can resolve an IP address using the host command. host ns1.digitalocean.com would return its IP, and so on. You can also use nslookup on Windows.

  • Also ping <hostname>

    • No, ping does not perform hostname resolution. You could see incorrect results using it.

      • Sorry for my misinformation :-)

        • No worries! It’s pretty subtle to be honest unless you’re very familiar with how DNS works. Even with what I’ve said, there are more advanced techniques using tools like dig to query servers in certain ways that will avoid even caching by your local network resolver.

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