IP address to domain redirection problem in NGINX

April 7, 2014 15.3k views
Hello, My server is running NGINX. My problem is my site is accessible by both IP address and the domain. But I want that when someone browse the IP address the user shoulde be redirected to my domain. Example :: When any one browse through http://107.170.126.xxx he should be redirected to http://mydomain.com Please can anybody help me? Thanks in advance
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  • Hello dmsumon,

    I'm got same problem, but i've found a solution from this link http://stackoverflow.com/a/22513456/3086112

    Just add simple configuration on your nginx server config.

    server {
    servername 107.170.126.xxx;
    # you can add other server
    name if you need other IPs
    # or domain names such as without the www

        add_header X-Frame-Options "SAMEORIGIN";
        return 301 $scheme://www.mydomain.com$request_uri;


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This worked for me:

server {
server_name 107.170.xxx.xxx;
return 301 http://mydomain.com;
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