ip/wp-admin redirects to domain/wp-admin for no apparent reason

March 19, 2019 232 views
WordPress Ubuntu 18.04

I recently set up a new droplet through the Ubuntu One Click Apache WP installment. Everything went hassle free, though I did initially run the Certbot upon being asked, and since I didnt want to connect the domain just yet (for demo purposes just use the IP) it was cancelled half-way through. This seems to have affected my IP setup in some way. When I visit the droplet through just the IP I can reach the site. But when I type in IP/wp-admin it redirects to Domain/wp-admin. And I havent configured anything with the domain. The SiteUrl and Home is set to the IP address. I’m suspecting it has to be Certbot that causes this? Where can I look for this domain setting?

Thanks in advance.

1 Answer

This has been solved. No idea what was the reason but after I while I could access the login page through /wp-login instead of /wp-admin. Something with that rewrite I suppose.

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