iRedMail-0.8.7 :: I can not send or receive email

Posted December 14, 2014 6.7k views

I managed to follow the installation instructions without error, including, I can access all of Roundcube Webmail panel options.
The problem is I can not send or receive emails. Even when I try to send an email to the same account, the email does not arrive.
Please I need help.

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Hello port 25 was blocked by your firewall. please use this code with putty or ssh after connect to your server


ufw allow smtp
ufw allow submission
ufw allow imaps 


iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 25 -j ACCEPT
iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --sport 587 -j ACCEPT

Centos and fedora

iptables -A INPUT -m state --state NEW -p tcp --dport 25 -j ACCEPT

/sbin/service iptables save
/sbin/service iptables restart

Thank you Mirandanico, but i have this erro:

root@endeavour:/etc/default# ufw allow smtp
Rules updated
Rules updated (v6)
root@endeavour:/etc/default# ufw allow submission
Rules updated
Rules updated (v6)
root@endeavour:/etc/default# ufw allow imaps
Rules updated
Rules updated (v6)
root@endeavour:/etc/default# service iptables restart
[ ok ] Flushing firewall rules: iptables.
[ ok ] Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter.
[FAILding iptables modules failed!
[ ok ] Applying iptables firewall rules:.

As you can see, the load of IPTABLES MODULES failure.

Can you help me again?

Thank you.

Are you able to access port 25 on remote servers? Run:

nc -vz 25

If it does not output Connection to 25 port [tcp/smtp] succeeded!, it means that SMTP is blocked on your droplet. In that case, please open a support ticket so that the team can unblock SMTP traffic. Thanks!

Hello guys,

Thank you for the help of all of you.

Follows the recommendation of kamaln7 and requested the release of the SMTP traffic to the carrier, which has already been released.

I believe that not wrong in installation because the Roundcube used by iRedMail this working properly, without issuing any warning or error message. The problem is that my messages not reach the recipient.

Already performed the send mail command in the console as follows, and the message also does not reaches the recipient:

root @ endeavor: ~ # echo ‘fifth Test’ | sendmail
root @ endeavor: ~ #

Another strange behavior in my droplet is that I can not stop or start the service iptables because glitch will happen when the Loading iptables modules, as can be seen below:

root @ endeavor: ~ # service iptables restart
[Ok] Flushing firewall rules: iptables.
[Ok] Setting chains to policy ACCEPT: filter.
[FAILding iptables modules failed!
[Ok] Applying iptables firewall rules :.
root @ endeavor: ~ #

Given these errors, I’m tendenciando to believe that my SMTP traffic was not released properly.

Do you have any idea who can help me?

Thank you,

Gláucio J Teixeira.