is 5$ fixed per month or does it grow if more requests are hit?

September 19, 2018 1.2k views
Billing DigitalOcean

I would like to have a droplet for 5$ for a month,

Here are a few questions, Does 5$ fixed per month. I don’t care if my server crashes, I would like to have fixed cost usage.

If I have lot of requests then does digital ocean charge more than 5$ stating u have cross limits? Or is it a fixed VPS for 5$ per month?

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Hey friend!

The $5 per month is fixed with two exceptions:

  1. We’re required to charge you a tax (depends on where you are).
  2. You use more than 1TB of outbound bandwidth.

I can’t imagine using more than 1TB of outbound bandwidth on normal use cases. VPN, TOR, Torrents, these are things I can see using over 1TB of outbound bandwidth. Websites and such, not so much.


  • @jarland Thanks for the reply. I love it. So inbound bandwidth is unlimited right?

    • No problem! That is correct, inbound is free and has no limits. To be fair, no limit means no limit applied, not that infinite inbound can occur. We have a little DDOS protection but by no means can we tank one as well as someone like CloudFlare :)

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