is anyone has successfully deployed Ceph storage system on DO?

September 9, 2014 5.4k views

i'm trying to build some kind a publishing system that will make a use of distributed system, especially for data (mostly pdf), and want to use Ceph as storage.
has anyone successfully developed and deployed on DO? or any other experience?

thank you

3 Answers

I have set up a Ceph cluster on DO. It worked, but I did not spend too much time using it. I don't think it's particularly well-suited for an environment where you don't have full control over the network subnets and the storage attached to the server. You may also want to check out Gluster.

I'm interested in this as well, the main issue is that GlusterFS doesn't handle metadata that well and with our websites (90-300k small files) it ends up exploding.
Openstack Swift is great, but the access is through a RESTful API


I found the write performance on GlusterFS awful and would not use it again. Friends of mine have told me that with each new release the write performance is getting worse. GlusterFS seems to be Ok for object storage (though personally I would use DO's solution instead as it is simpler and cheaper) , but definitely not as a filer layer.

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